1. Top 10 Reasons to shoot a Limb Driver Pro-V

    Top 10 Reasons to shoot a Limb Driver Pro-V

    1. Full capture containment cage. The Pro-V keeps your arrow where you want it. As long as it’s in the containment cage, the launcher arm will pick up and self-center it every time.
    2. Free floating launcher arm. As your arrow passes across the launcher arm during the shot cycle, it is allowed to push against the spring-supported rest. This allows inconsistencies or errors to be corrected during the shot cycle to ensure perfect arrow flight upon release from the string. Traditional fall-aways force your arrow to travel over a rigid surface which can amplify these inconsistencies and greatly reduce accuracy.

      Limb Driver VS. Cable Driven

    3. Adjustable spring tension. The force in which the spring cushions the launcher arm can be adjusted to fine-tune your preference on arrow performance.
    4. Longer arrow support. Because it is run off of the limb, Vapor Trail Limb Drivers support the arrow for nearly 70% of the shot cycle. This allows the arrow to reach the speed it needs to stabilize itself in flight before the support is pulled away. With traditional fall-aways that begin to drop immediately, you typically see a great deal of “arrow dip” which decreases accuracy greatly, especially down range.
    5. Limb activation. By being activated by the limb, Limb Drivers do not require anything to be connected to the cables. By doing so, the rest is not pulling on the cables and taking your bow out of time or tune. This greatly increases accuracy.
    6. All-metal. The Limb Driver Pro-V is completely machined aluminum made here in the USA. There are no plastic or cheap parts to fail or wear down. The Pro-V is also lubricated with a lubricant guaranteed not to freeze up in the harshest of weather conditions.
    7. Ultra-simple setup. Setup of the Limb Driver Pro-V takes only minutes and doesn’t require the use of a bow press.
    8. Lightweight. The Limb Driver Pro-V weighs just over 3 ounces, minimizing added weight to your setup.
    9. Multiple custom colors options. The Limb Driver Pro-V is available in a variety of custom colors to match your setup including red, black, blue, green, pink, or purple. Choose from launcher-only colors or completely-decorated rests to make your setup stand out from others!
    10. Vapor Trail Customer Service. Whether you need help installing and setting up your Limb Driver, run into an accident in the field, or have an issue with your equipment, Vapor Trail’s Customer Service has always been one of the best in the industry. You speak to a REAL person from start to finish, not an automated system forcing you to search your way through.
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  2. Curt Wells talks about Limb Driven Technology

    Curt Wells talks about Limb Driven Technology

    Do you use a limb driven arrow rest or a cable rest? Bowhunter Magazine Editor, Curt Wells talks about the advantage of a limb driven rest and how it can help you on your next hunt.

    Posted by Bowhunter Magazine on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  3. Common Misconceeptions width Limb Drivers

    Common Misconceeptions width Limb Drivers

    Let’s face it, Limb Driven is “different”. People are often times scared of change, and, especially in the archery industry, hesitant to try something they haven’t seen before. When the first limb driver was introduced by Vapor Trail over a decade ago, it was often-times entertaining watching peoples’ faces as they tried desperately to try to figure out what they were looking at, and how it worked.
    Since then, many companies have hopped on board after realizing this system is the most forgiving, accurate, and easy to set up across the board. Still, many people are hesitant to try, trust, or believe in limb driven rests.
    Misconception #1: “I don’t like that cord running up to my limb….it’s going to get in the way”.

     In all reality, I have NEVER talked to a customer that has had issues with their cord to the point of it being an actual legitimate problem. If you think about it, you’ve already got a string and sometimes up to FOUR cables already running up and down on your bow. If you’re using a cable-driven rest, you’ve got a cord running ACROSS your bow from the riser to a cable. If you shoot with a quiver on, the quiver will be protecting your activation cord anyway!
    Do me a favor….take your hand, pretend it’s a weed, stick, branch, or whatever you want, and run it up and down your bow between the string and cables…..if you’re running a cable driven rest, you got hung up on your rest activation cord didn’t you??? Now, if you were running a limb driven rest, you probably wouldn’t even had made contact with the cord…and if you did, it didn’t get hung up.
    A story I like to tell (and many of you have probably heard if you know me very well) is about a guy at the Western Trail Shoot in Redding, CA a few years back. This guy (who I didn’t know before that day) was ALL OVER me about my activation cord. “That’s gonna get hung up on a branch sometime and you’re going to be screwed”……”I can’t believe you shoot with that silly cord on there running all the way up to your limb”…..Well, I’m not a great target shooter, but I was still beating this guy. Not sure why he was on my case, but, I let it go. After about 20 targets, he brought up the cord again. So, me being a respectful smartass at times, I took my Leatherman out of its case on my belt, flipped the knife out, reached up, and cut my cord. Right there on the 3D course with 5 targets left. The look on this guys’ face was priceless. I handed him the knife and said “Here, you cut your cable driven rest’s cord and we’ll see who’s up and running quicker”. “Absolutely not!! Why did you do that?? You can’t even finish the day now!” was his reply.
    2 minutes later, my shoelace was now activating my rest and the guy never again mentioned anything about my launcher cord……
    If you’re that concerned and worried about the activation cord getting cut, throw a piece of cord in your pack. It’s a 2-5 minute fix, which I can assure you outside of an extremely odd circumstance you’ll EVER have to do. I’ve run the rest with dental floss, shoelaces, etc. just to prove a point. I’ve hunted all over the country in some of the worst conditions around and I’ve never once worried about, or had an issue with, the activation cord. To see this in action, click Limb Driver Misconception Video
    Are there circumstances that may require a little extra tinkering?? Yes. Sometimes quivers, sights, etc have brackets that may “make contact” with the cord. But, unlike a cable-driven rest, THIS DOESN’T MATTER!! As long as the cord is allowed to go slack and come tight, it is perfectly fine touching or rubbing different parts of your bow.
    Misconception #2: “Limb Drivers don’t drop fast enough”

    False, followed by me giggling. I hear “I want the fastest dropping fall-away out there” ALL OF THE TIME. Do you really?? So, if you had the fastest dropping fall-away possible, it would be down as SOON as you fire your bow correct?? Is your arrow moving at this point? No. So, by law of gravity, your arrow will begin to fall before it is traveling forward. Hey Einstein, this robs you of accuracy, obviously.
    What you really want is a combination of your launcher staying UP as LONG as possible, yet falling at a fast rate once it is triggered. This, my friends, is one of the cornerstones of a limb driven rest. By running off of the limb, which is one of the last parts of the bow to return to its “zero” position, the arrow is supported long enough during the shot cycle to achieve the speed it needs to stabilize itself. Then, when support is no longer needed, the launcher arm is pulled away at an extremely fast speed (note I said PULLED….it doesn’t rely on a spring to operate it on the shot…the limb FORCES it down) allowing the arrow to exit the bow with near-perfect flight.
    Misconception #3: “It’s not full capture…I don’t want my arrow to fall out”

    Are you a monkey?? Do you hang upside down from a tree when you shoot?? The Pro-V has a near-full capture cage, and with either the SHAG pad or arrow holder used on the shelf, you should never have any issues with an arrow falling off your bow, no matter if you’re spot and stalking, still hunting, sitting in a tree stand, or riding on the wings of your favorite super-speed jet.
    Before searching for issues for the simple purpose of finding one, stop and think about if it is something that would ever really affect you.
    Misconception #4: “How can a limb driven rest be more accurate than my cable driven rest?”

    Great question, and I love answering it.
    A cable driven rest can be a great rest, obviously. They’ve been around for a long time and thanks to companies such as Trophy Taker, QAD, Ripcord, Schaffer, etc, about every nook and cranny has been swept clean looking for ways to improve them and get a step up on the like-competitor. Here’s where the limb driver shines.
    All previously-mentioned systems are held into a RIGID position at full draw. You draw your bow, your cables move, pull your cord tight, raises your launcher, and holds it tightly there. As your arrow passes across this RIGID surface, any imperfection in arrow spine, error in shooter form, tuning issues, etc can be magnified immensely as there is no forgiveness.
    Limb Drivers feature a FREE-FLOATING head. Translation: A forgiving surface that can actually CORRECT these flaws.
    Anyone can get a basic rest to shoot well at 20 yards. Get out to 50, 60, 70+ yards and imperfections are again magnified immensely. This is where you’re going to see your accuracy improve with a limb driver. Being held UP by a premium torsion spring, your arrow can actually press against the launcher, which can eat up any issues, correcting them to some degree, and returning the launcher/arrow back to its zero position before the end of the shot cycle. Result: Better forgiveness and accuracy.
    Next, think about that cable driven rest. What happens if your cable stretches?? Your rest is out of time. What happens if your rest is set up incorrectly? That cord can pull your bow out of time/tune. THERE IS NO TIMING with a limb driver! I have unattached my activation cord dozens of times while in the middle of a 3D shoot just to show people how easy it is to setup. I usually hear “No, don’t do that!! I don’t want you to mess your rest up just to show me how it works!”.  Attaching the cord back to the rest takes all of 5 seconds, and I’m right back to where I was. No problem.
    Furthermore, the spring tension can be adjusted to even better fine-tune your setup. A simple turn of a set screw can add or lessen the spring tension, making the forgiveness and setup even more streamlined.
    Misconception #5: “Well if the launcher stays up longer, won’t that magnify issues in a shooter with bad form?

    To some regard, yes. However, my particularly inquisitive friend, the limb driver is AGAIN able to remedy this. By adjusting WHERE the activation cord is attached to the limb, you can actually control WHEN the launcher arm falls in the shot cycle. Closer towards the limb pocket equals earlier in shot cycle, closer towards limb tip equals later in the shot cycle. Boom: Remedied.
    Misconception #6: “I only support products Made in the USA”

    Take a look at our packaging. Take a look at our website. Stop by the shop and take a gander around. EVERYTHING we do is made in the USA. We have our own machine shop just down the road, and assemble every single rest right here on my desk in Ham Lake, MN. The only thing that Vapor Trail isn’t 100% in charge of, is the anodizing process which is outsourced to a local company across the street from our machine shop. We support good ole #murica!

    So, in closing, misconceptions are abundant with all companies in all industries. Remember that just because your buddy at the local range said so, or some “genius” posted it on Archery Talk, doesn’t mean it’s chiseled into stone. Often people, including shop owners, only push things that they personally shoot and talk other products down. Do your research. Whether someone is talking down a competitor’s product OR our product, do yourself a favor and find out for yourself. Ask more than just a couple sources. Educate YOURSELF on products out there; don’t just rely on other people to make your mind up for you. Do this and I promise you, you will feel so much better about your decisions both in archery, and in life!


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  4. Gus Congemi of Live the Wild Life TV

    Gus Congemi of Live the Wild Life TV

    Vapor Trail partnered up with Gus Congemi of Live the Wild Life TV because we know that he truly believes in our products.  Head over to the Live the Wild Life TV web page and check him out!  www.livethewildlifetv.com

    Also visit him on Facebook

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  5. Limb Driver and Bowstrings Maintenance

    Limb Driver and Bowstrings Maintenance

    Deer season is here!! Are you ready? Yes, I know, most of you are probably wondering what crazy pills I took to think today was September. But in reality, California’s deer season is open and bucks are hitting the dirt!! With less than two months before almost every state’s season is in full swing, are you sure your equipment is ready to go? Have you been out practicing every day building muscle memory, getting comfortable in your hunting gear, shooting from a seated position, etc? Don’t neglect the days leading up to season just because you think “there’s plenty of time to get ready”. You should always practice like opening day is tomorrow!! Below I’ve mentioned a few things you should keep in mind while gearing up for your hunting season that some people may overlook.

    EarsWaxAre your Vapor Trail VTX bowstrings and cables in good shape? Even though our VTX material is unbelievably stable, you should regularly care for your strings to prolong their life and keep them performing at their best. Scorpion Venom string cleaner is a great product to use while maintaining your bowstrings and cables. Apply a generous amount of the cleaner to your strings with the built-in applicator and rub it in with a soft cloth. Repeat until the string is visibly clean of all surface debris and dirt. I personally allow the cleaner to sit on the string for a minute or two before I rub it in.

    After the string is clean, I typically use the Scorpion Venom Polymeric Bowstring Fluid to condition the string. I basically apply it the same as the cleaner, but I allow it to sit for a bit longer on the string before I rub it down with a cloth. You can also use the regular Scorpion Venom Wax, but I just prefer the fluid myself for it’s cleaner look.

    Check over the entire length of the string, including end loops and servings, to be sure nothing has been nicked, cut, or worn while it’s been in your case. Personally I don’t EVER put broadheads in my bowcase, but if you decide to, be sure they’re properly secured on your arrows where they cannot contact your bow, or are in a package that is CLOSED COMPLETELY. Opening up your case to find a string in pieces because you neglected to secure your broadheads should NEVER happen.

    Is your peep sight securely tied in? Are your String Bats still secured and in good shape? Is your d-loop in good shape? Sometimes a release can form a burr that can excessively wear your loop. Check your release by running a piece of a cotton ball over and through the jaws to check for burrs. If it catches, there’s a burr.
    Check your bowcase. Are there any loose tools, tips, accessories, or anything that aren’t secured that could get caught up in your strings, cams, rest, sight, etc that could cause problems if you don’t see them?? A small tackle or gear box to keep things organized is the best way to go.

    EarsToolHave you gone over your rest to be sure everything is perfect? Almost every time I shoot I check all bolts and set screws onmy Limb Driver Pro-V to be sure everything is properly tightened. I’ve never had an issue with them coming loose, but it’s just simple reassurance knowing that everything is perfect. Other important items to check are the activation cord, dampening pad, moleskin, shrink tubing, limb padshelf pad, etc. Are all of these still in good shape? Do you have a spare cord in your pack? Do you need to replace your moleskin on the launcher arm? Checking the simple things that you just “think” are in order can save you from failure at the moment of truth.
    Compiling a checklist and scheduling times to go over your equipment may not seem important, but the first time something is overlooked and it costs you that shot of a lifetime, you’ll be wishing you’d have paid more attention. It only takes a few minutes to makes sure your strings, cables, and rest are all up to par before heading out into the woods! Get everything done now so you don’t have to worry about it later!

    There is still plenty of time for us to build you a new set of VTX Strings and Cables and get them out to you. The Vapor Trail Limb Driver only takes a few minutes to install and tune, so you have plenty of time to upgrade there, too! If you order today, chances are your order will ship tomorrow at the latest!

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  6. Understanding Limb Drivers

    Understanding Limb Drivers

    Traditionally it seems most people want the “fastest dropping” arrow rest for the reason of getting it out of the way before the fletching gets to the rests…..this is obviously important, but the “fastest drop” isn’t always the best. Think about this…if your rest dropped at the EXACT moment your release was triggered, the arrow would still be without motion, and the arrow would begin to drop before it started it’s motion forward. This “arrow drop” is obviously a problem in arrow flight and tuning. The Pro-V (and all Limb Drivers) are designed to stay up for 70% of the shot cycle, allowing the arrow to achieve the speed required to stabilize flight, with the launcher arms being pulled out of the way just before the fletching reaches them. This is why, in our high speed video, you see little to zero “arrow dip” through the entire shot cycle.

    Click Here – High speed video of the Limb Drivers Pro-V
    Click Here – High speed video of the Limb Drivers Pro-V Side View

    Furthermore, the arms of the Limb Drivers feature adjustable spring tension, adding even more tuning possibilities for the more particular archer. And, as the arrow passes through the shot cycle, the free-floating arms allow arrow imperfections, spine errors, hand torque etc to be reduced/negated. Easier said, the arms can “eat up” the flex of an arrow, returning it GENTLY to the correct position. This is made possible by a spring mechanism designed to hold the launcher arm “up”, instead of using the spring to force the arms “down”, like most traditional fall away rests. So, as the bow is drawn, the cord begins to slack, allowing the spring to raise the arm. Upon firing the bow, as the arrow passes over the arm, the spring mechanism keeps the arm up until the limb is almost returned to it’s original position. As it nears this original position, the cord begins to tighten, pulling against the spring and returning the arm to it’s “down” position, allowing the arrow and fletching to exit the bow with no contact and near-perfect flight.

    This all being said, there is another issue that needs to be addressed with the Limb Drivers. Many customers feel the need to “pop” the arms without them being on the bow to check for noise. They pull down on the arm and allow it to spring back into the “up” position, often time resulting in an audible “click” that is then criticized. Even though we’ve begun to correct this sound for the simple sake of lessening complaints, this is a sound that will NEVER be made when the rest is set up on the bow. This sound is being made by the arm RAPIDLY going into the “up” position and contacting the stop pin. Well, when attached to the bow, this arm will never “rapidly” come into the up position. It will instead SLOWLY be raised as the bow is drawn. The “rapid” movement of the arm is when the bow is fired, the cord is tightened, and the arm is pulled into the “down” position. This, you will find, generally makes little to no noise.

    Actually, in a sense, the rest making an audible “click”, as stated above, is reassurance that it is contacting something solid and stationary. Think of it this way: If it was instead contacting something very soft, the “up” position of the rest (nearly the most important part) may lose consistency. The soft pad or tubing may gradually wear down over time, or may have inconsistent memory, etc., causing the vertical arrow position to sometimes vary at its immobile period, and/or during its initial voyage into gaining the speed for stability. We’ve been researching (and are in the final stages of testing) materials with nearly permanent life and stability, so even though it may be redundant, the issues of unwanted sound (whether they’ll actually be found in the actual shot cycle when installed or not) from the rest will be nearly non-existent.

    Hopefully this can help some of you more understand how Limb Drivers work and possibly clear up any problems/questions you may have about the actual functionality of the rest, and the way it was designed to work. Sorry if it got a little long-winded, but I wanted to be sure to cater to those “more tech-y” shooters out there that like to know every little thing about the products out there. Thanks a ton and just give me a call if you EVER have ANY questions about our rests, strings, string bats, or anything at all.

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  7. VTX Bowstring Material Facts

    VTX Bowstring Material Facts

    Our VTX Bowstring Material is the best, most stable material in the industry.

    • Vaportrail’s own proprietary blend of bowstring fibers
    • Not available to anyone else
    • Very stable in changing weather environments (wet to dry, hot to cold, etc.)
    • Built on extremely high-tension jigs designed here at Vaportrail
    • All bowstrings are hand-tied, meaning no machines to wear down or cause problems
    • Available in thousands of color combinations
    • Multiple serving colors available
    • All cables are served with Halo serving to prevent separation
    • Closed end-loops for easier installation and longer life
    • NO speed loss
    • Ability to install speed nocks (for small upcharge, and nock locations/measurements are required)
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  8. Our Products Rock!!

    Our Products Rock!!

    The Limbdriver Pro-V is the ultimate full-capture fall-away rest designed specifically with the bowhunter in mind. Featuring a free floating, fully adjustable spring-tension arm, the Pro-V offers incredible ease in setup and tuning, delivering amazing downrange accuracy and stability. The Pro-V launcher arm is designed to stay up for 70% of the shot cycle, which allows the arrow to achieve the necessary speed to stabilize flight, after which the rest is pulled away to avoid fletching contact, achieving near-perfect arrow flight. The full capture containment cage gives the bowhunter added assurance that once loaded, the arrow will always be held safely in place and automatically self-center on the launcher arm once drawn. When paired with our rock-solid VTX strings and cables, the Limbdriver Pro-V is sure to be one of the most accurate easiest, quietest, and deadly rests on the market. Period. “Quit Your Cryin” and get a Pro-V today!

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