Warranty & Terms

3 Day Ship Guarantee

All of us here at Vapor Trail know that our customers demand a high quality product in a timely manner. That’s why we have employed the 3 Day Ship Guarantee. We guarantee that your order will SHIP within 3 business days of original receipt. This does NOT mean that you will RECEIVE your order within 3 business days. Shipping times may vary and Vapor Trail is not responsible for any delays created by the shipper. Any grievances regarding shipping delays should be addressed to the shipper ie. USPS, UPS and FedEx. Specialty sets of Bowstrings ( ie. Pinstripe and/or custom servings ) do not qualify for the 3 Day Ship Guarantee.

Lifetime Service Guarantee

Vapor Trail, Inc. warranties all of our products with a Lifetime Service Guarantee. Vapor Trail, Inc. guarantees that our bowstrings will be free from string creep, erratic peep rotation and serving separation. Limb Driver Arrow Rests will be free from any manufacturing and workmanship defects. Qualifying warranty services will be provided for up to 1 year of the original receipt purchase date at ‘No-Charge’. During the 1 year period Vapor Trail Archery Inc. will either repair or replace the defective part at its sole discretion.

Qualifying warranty services, which come after 1 year of the original receipt purchase date, will accompany a minimal charge for labor and materials for the life of the product. Customers are responsible for all return shipping charges incurred.


Product must be returned to Vapor Trail, Inc. for technician inspection and must accompany a Return Authorization Number (RA#) that is provided by our Warranty Service Department. Vapor Trail, Inc. will not warranty any bowstring that may present a safety hazard. All RA#’s must be returned within 30 days. Any product returned without an RA# will NOT be subject to warranty repair, replacement and/or a refund. Returns may be subject to a restocking fee at the discretion of our warranty department. Please call (763) 862-8870 to speak with a Customer Service Rep to receive a RA#.

Warranty & Terms